• Through the use of annuities and life insurance, we can assist in creating steady, dependable income.

  • Let us help you protect your estate from taxes upon your death.

  • Our practice knows how to prepare and plan for the event of long-term care.

  • Find your maximum lifetime benefit by running over 20,000 calculations and exploring advanced strategies.

The Path to Your Retirement

Southern Advisors Inc. is a full service, retirement planning firm serving North Georgia and the surrounding communities. We aim to provide exceptional retirement and estate planning services to those nearing or already enjoying retirement.

With the mission to provide families and businesses with innovative financial strategies, we give financial clarity and excellent solutions so our clients can enjoy the retirement they have worked hard to achieve. Our tenants at Southern Advisors Inc.’s are to making strong commitments to our clients and build life-long relationships with each and every one of our clients.

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Client Testimonials

  • I have been Kevin’s client for about two years now. My portfolio has increased about 11½%, instead of decreasing 37%. My portfolio, would equal about $400,000.00. I have $50,000.00 per year guaranteed income. I have no regrets with my decision making with Kevin. His plan is hard to beat!!

    Tom N.

  • Wished we had known about your program years ago. We now have a guaranteed income that we can depend on with great returns, better than anything we could have hoped for. Our Allianz plan is just right for us, as we look to the future with a strong company to provide our financial needs.

    Roy & Margie F.

  • Kevin, Thanks for being so tolerant of me. I had looked at other investment plans, and none seemed to have the whole package I was looking for, until I attended the workshop. I have received great returns with a guaranteed income stream to offer in a very personal and rewarding way. I am thankful to be a valued policy owner.


  • I have been an investor for several years. After attending a workshop, I was very interested in tax-free retirement income. It was something that I could not turn down for my granddaughter. Kevin helped me change some accounts that are more beneficial for her.

    Mrs. Joan

  • Kevin was able to take my assets that were in various types of funds and put them into one guaranteed interest-bearing account with a reputable company and created a guaranteed income stream. For the first time ever I felt like I was financially in good hands. I have access to a local advisor who really seems to care about my financial well being. For financial security, peace of mind, and great service, I personally recommend Southern Advisors, Inc. as financial advisors.


  • My husband and I would like to thank you for your guidance regarding our account. The returns have been very helpful, since we pretty much rely on Social Security. We appreciate the fact that you keep in touch and are very happy with the company that we are with. A guaranteed monthly income that you advised is great.


  • I have used financial advisors before. No two people have the same problems. Kevin considers each person carefully, then offers his advice. In the class of financial advisors, I place Kevin in the class of Top Gun.


  • Kevin has been and is very informative and helped us in our decision to go with Southern Advisors, Inc. His intelligence and memory have amazed us. We love Kevin! A great family man.

    Robert & Francis

  • The day my husband and I met Kevin was a highlight of our retirement. We have been approached many times in the past and always declined. We were too busy earning our income (or so we thought.) Had we listened earlier not only would our income have greatly increased, but it would have been stress free. We are truly impressed and thankful for the returns we have in such a short time. While working full time, it would have taken us 2 years of sacrificing to fully fund my IRA and my husbands’ 401k to equal my one year return with no effort. Having recently suffered a medical crisis with a pile of bills and an uncertain future. I am so happy my investment is safe and secure and provides me some comfort.


  • Your involvement in our financial affairs was well timed. Through your efforts and expertise our base investments has steadily increased. In these difficult market times, my changes are well received. Looking forward to continuing our relationship in the future.


  • I attended a seminar that was held at the local Golden Corral Restaurant by Southern Advisors Group to learn more about protecting our assets and preparing for retirement. At that time we had our savings in CD’s at our bank drawing minimal interest and having to pay taxes on all the withdrawals. As my wife had the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease, we were worried about losing all in the case of having to put my wife in a nursing home. Kevin was very clear in outlining the dangers and the remedies of protecting our assets and investing in a fixed annuity that would provide retirement income monthly and be safe and secure. Annuities draw more interest and can be passed on to your beneficiaries intact or used as needed during one’s life. We purchased an annuity and were very satisfied that we had done the right thing. A year later after selling our home we invested in another annuity through Southern Advisors Group that has been a blessing to us. We are very satisfied with the outstanding advice and service we have receive from them.